World Book Week and a visit to Almuñécar International School

I celebrated  World Book Week with pupils from AIS school with a reading from Orca Rising… I asked them what they think happens next, and there are definitely some budding writers with amazing imaginations in Years 9 and 10!

Then, I shared with them a little writing tip; to write the end of a chapter or scene first to give purposeful writing with an intriguing ending – as well as a nice launch off point for the next chapter. The kids then came up with final lines of their own for a scene of their choosing, and will in the coming weeks go back and write the build up. I’m really intrigued to see what they come up with!

I signed copies of the book and hope i’ve inspired a few people in the room to try their hand at writing, and with luck a few more into reading for pleasure.

For pics of the event are available here on the AIS website.