Merry Christmas lovelies So here’s what I’ve got for you. Something for your stocking and something for under the tree. Your stocking filler. Now, i thought long and hard about this. It had to be something small enough to fit in your stocking … so i found the perfect thing. A competition piece of sci-fi […]

"I'm the sort of guy who looks like he knows NOTHING about martial arts…"

Domo arigato,  Chris here, and i’m pretty nervous today. I’ll tell you why in a min.  First, some context: I write teen spy thrillers, and to do that you need to be able to write action convincingly. Now, back to the nervous bit. When writing the follow up book to Orca Rising about a year ago, the main […]

Orca Rogue Agent

Hey everyone, Really excited to announce that the follow up book to Orca Rising–you remember? That teen spy thriller shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize!– is ready for publication! Orca Rogue Agent will be released on 30th November – more details to follow about pre-order and the cover reveal – so stay tuned. Chris