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ORCA RISING packshot25* Amazing! “Orca Rising gave me Hunger Games and Maze Runner vibes.”
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Shaun Baines

5 April 2018

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Chris Hannon has been a complete success in creating a fully rounded, engaging main character in Ocean Daley. He steals the show as a hero with a depth and a charisma that fuels a face paced, action packed narrative. What is particularly appealing about Ocean is his sense of duty and discipline, but he is no knight in shining armour. He suffers from the same petty jealousies and frustrations as we all did as teenagers. This is what makes him so relatable.

The comparisons between Orca Rising and the Young Bond series, or even Harry Potter, are inevitable. What elevates Orca Rising above this is that the action – and there’s plenty of it – is grounded in reality. When people get hurt, they get hurt. They have to go to hospital and there are consequences. They carry their injuries with them and it impacts on their effectiveness. It gives the story a sense of threat that I haven’t seen in other YA novels.

Orca Rising is a cinematic, action romp, packed with great characters and dark deeds.

This is a series begging to be written and although I’m way past the Young Adult stage, I’ll be waiting for the ride.

dott. Toma Pastore

10 March 2018

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I have been a huge fan of the author ever since reading ‘Perry Scrimshaw’s Rite of Passage’ in 2015. Having immensely enjoyed the book I was thrilled to read Orca Rising and will be following the inevitable sequel(s?). For fans of Anthony Horowitz, Ally Carter, Eoin Colfer and Robert Muchamore this is highly recommended – a thrilling YA page turner with a lot to offer girls and boys in the 21st Century.
Mr. Michael Somerset

21 April 2018

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Despite being completely the wrong target audience for this book, (I’m in my mid-thirties, and this book is aimed at teens/young adults) I was utterly gripped throughout. The story is packed full of action, intrigue, plot twists and fun.

Hopefully there’ll be more from Ocean Daley in the future. If so, I’ll be happy to say I was there from the beginning.

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20 July 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
I have enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure and action stories. It is a real page turner and couldn’t put it down once I started reading. The character descriptions were very good so it was easy to picture the characters. overall an excellent book. Reviewer 10 years old

29 August 2018

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Amazing! Orca Rising gave me Hunger Games and Maze Runner vibes. Must read for anyone who liked these. Can’t wait for the next one!
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Martin D

6 March 2018

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I really enjoyed Orca Rising. It was a fantastic read – fast paced and action packed – and I couldn’t put it down.
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18 April 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
This is a real treat. Fast paced action and an engaging thriller. A page turner for all ages.
Russell The Bookworm

2 April 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

The most obvious comparison to others works are the Alex Rider and H.I.V.E. series, which aren’t bad company for Chris Hannon and Ocean to be in at all!

Orca Rising was written in a very mature and professional manner and I’ll admit I was surprised when I discovered that it is only Chris Hannon’s second novel. The writing came across as that of an incredibly seasoned professional, and I am interested and excited to see where Chris Hannon’s writing career takes him.

Orca Rising was well paced with plot developments given at the right time mixed with character development. I have a feeling there will be more books following Ocean, and Orca Rising set the scene perfectly. I do worry that perhaps the “teenage spy” thing has been done before but hopefully something new can be added to the genre.

I would recommend Orca Rising to fans of the spy genre and to readers who wouldn’t usually read young adult fiction.

A very exciting new author!


I am aged eleven and I really enjoyed reading this book. It was full of unexpected events I did not expect to happen and they sprang out of nowhere and changed the story…Read more

“An enjoyable read and if you liked Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series or indeed “The Maze Runner” or “The Hunger Games” then I do not believe you will be disappointed. The ending certainly sets up the probability of a sequel for which I certainly will look out for.”

G Heard (Reviewer)

“This is a fast paced, thrilling novel with an engaging mystery.”

Alaa Alkhulaqi (Reviewer)

“A fun, quick read. Interesting premise. Well fleshed out characters. Perfect for younger readers.”


“Twists and turns along the way made for a great read. Recommended.”

Beano’s Fighter

“Reminds me of the Alex Rider series, which I love.”

Labyrinth of Stories

“I love Ocean and the fact that this book gave me some Maze Runner vibes and a little bit of Hunger Games too.”

Dora Archie Okeyo (Reviewer)