Crypto and Grill

The world of the Orca trilogy is one of hacking, spies and digital warfare. Cryptocurrencies feature in books 2 & 3 too! As such i’m pleased to recommend the amazing Crypto & Grill Podcast. It’s a great place to learn about the past, present and future of money and why bitcoin is going to the moon! Download the podcast here 

And in the spirit of truly supporting cryptocurrencies, i’m proud to sell my books for crypto. 

For 150,000 Satoshi’s you can read the PB Prize shortlisted book Orca Rising in .mobi format on your e-reader.

Step 1: Send your Satoshi’s here:

BTC address: 1NNfwSMJUJNTwuLGfxeAGqrsZeS1X4xzUZ

Step 2. Contact me below, with your email address (so i can send you the book) and your transaction time. If you want to pay in a different cryptocurrency just let me know via the same form and we’ll work it out.