Perry Scrimshaw


In this transatlantic victorian tale, love and betrayal aren’t oceans apart.

“With each step, the figure grew larger; he was on the edge, facing out to sea, back turned to Perry’s approach. Perhaps he wouldn’t need the knife at all, a push might be all that it would take.”

In darkest Southampton the alleyways are rife with schemers and tricksters and Perry Scrimshaw considers himself the very best. The port is a dangerous, plague–ridden place with dockers threatening to riot. In the chaos, Perry attempts a swindle so ambitious it will set him up for life with the girl he loves. But Perry isn’t the only trickster in town. When his plans go violently wrong, he faces the struggle of his life…

Perry Scrimshaw’s Rite of Passage came out in paperback and Kindle in September 2015 and other ebook formats in December 2015.

You can get a copy of Perry here:

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Why did I publish independently?
Perry Scrimshaw was written as part of my Creative Writing Masters. It was my first complete novel and I was proud to finish something that I think has artistic merit and was being asked by friends and family if they could read it. That said, like a carpenter who has just learnt to craft their first table, although he might be proud of his table he also appreciates (and perhaps hopes) that it won’t be his finest piece of craftsmanship…that there will be better made tables to come in the future. In other words, it isn’t the work on which i’d set my stall out on, but I did want my friends and family to read it and I did want the experience of publishing and promoting a book myself.
I spent two years after finishing Perry, either leaving it or tinkering with it and there comes a point when you want to move onto something else. So call it closure, call it hopeful foresight but publishing Perry without seeking representation made sense then and it does now. I doubt very much it would have been picked up, but I’m sure i’ll look for professional representation with future projects.