Workshops & School visits


  • Published author of 2 novels, nominated for 2018 People’s Book Prize
  • 4 years running monthly creative writing workshops in Brighton.
  • Masters Degree in Creative Writing (Uni of Sussex)
  • 3 years scriptwriting marketing videos
  • School presentations and workshops: Almuñécar International School, Al-Andalus Bilingual School, Boops International Book Store (Granada), Granada Noire Festival, ESZ Entertainment


Screenshot_2018-12-18-12-19-13-202_com.instagram.androidI run a variety of workshops tailored to class size, ability and length. Here is a sample of some of the base packages I offer which can all be tweaked and adjusted to suit the audience:

  • Inspire – get writing! All abilities. This is a fun collaborative workshop intended to get kids interested in writing shorter pieces such as flash fiction or short stories. We talk about key elements of a good story using popular examples. Then we begin with a fun activity of idea generation and a support session to get them to plan/plot their own short story or flash fiction. This is a workshop that can be easily flexed time wise; i.e. plan to write out the plot points in a shorter session, then the students can write up the story at home or in a separate class, in a longer session we can do timed challenges where they have 15 minutes to write the intro and inciting event, 20 for the middle and so on, until they have a draft that they can hone in further sessions.
  • Author Talk. All abilities.Roughly 1 hour session, presentation style talking about how i became a writer, my latest book Orca Rising
  •, challenges of writing the sequels, reading an extract and taking questions from students.
  • Basic Writing Skills All abilities, contains some theory. This workshop teaches the basic tenets of good (modern) writing: understanding Point of View (using cinematic examples), Narrative voice, simple dialogue rules, What makes an interesting Character and how to build a page-turner.
  • Losing the Plot?  Best suited to medium/high ability ages. This is a more formal workshop aimed at understanding what plot is, how it works on a micro and macro level and building story development skills. This involves looking at short examples from film clips (selected for appropriate age) , examples from books and stories. Students are then set up with an introduction, inciting event from a story which they then have to develop story and plot for using the skills they’ve learnt.
  • Writing to a Structure Best suited to medium/high ability ages. In this workshop we learn a powerful storytelling technique: writing to a pre-prescribed structure. Using film and books we learn to break down a piece of fiction into it’s constituent parts, learning to analyse ‘what’s happening’ from an author/creative perspective. We then take a paragraph by paragraph guideline structure and write our own piece of writing over it. (Not quite paint by numbers, but a shortcut to learning how to write purposeful, forward facing fiction). Then it’s really fun to hear some of the wildly different stories that can follow the same high-level structure.
  • Advanced Writing Skills: High level students. This can cover any/all of the following. Free Indirect Speech, How to land Metaphors and Similes, Using Adverbs, Flagging, writing dialogue, Why the “show don’t tell” rule is fundamentally wrong, self-editing basics, author mindset, advice on getting an agent, cover letters, writing a synopsis, writing a blurb.
  • Looking for something else or more bespoke? Feel free to get in touch and we can chat about your requirements.


For workshops i ask for travel/accommodation expenses (where required) and a very reasonably priced fee 🙂  Please get in touch with me here and let me know as much as you can about the following and i can give you a quote.

  • Class age, size, ability, English level
  • Workshops you are interested in and length (e.g. 2 hours, full day, multiple days etc)
  • Location of your school
  • Rough dates
  • Any other relevant information

Many thanks