Merry Christmas lovelies

So here’s what I’ve got for you. Something for your stocking and something for under the tree.

Your stocking filler. Now, i thought long and hard about this. It had to be something small enough to fit in your stocking … so i found the perfect thing. A competition piece of sci-fi flash fiction under 99 words I wrote a while back – called “A few new seconds of me”. Gobble it up and then run on on to get to your main ‘under the tree’ pressie.

A few new seconds of me

I adjust my settings and go short and blonde. Add a tattoo of a sparrow on my face. Up a dress size, down a shoe size and make the tits too big for doorways.

Out I squeeze.

‘Nice look Kat!’ I-forget-her-name changes, mimicking my new style.

As I stroll the street, other morons copy me too until there are hundreds, until I am in a sea of me. Each step down the street bludgeons my art and I get ahead to thinking: what must I be tomorrow to enjoy a few new seconds of me?

So what’s under the tree?

Well, in that sci-fi future there probably wouldn’t be anything to unwrap under the tree- it’d all be digital upgrades and the like. Your main present is digital too, (see that seamless link?) – so you’ll have to just imagine unwrapping it. Sorry i do tend to use too much tape. Got it? okay, y-eah, nearly. Use your nails. There you go. 

Now you’ve already probably got my first book Orca Rising (if not, here you go), so how about a choice of some other great free books? Orca Rising is part of a 20+ group book giveaway this xmas, and you can get any of them you like! There’s fantasy, teen fiction, vampire stuff; whatever you like. Here’s the link if you want to browse some free books

Right, before I go and hit the mince pies…i wrote to my followers a few weeks ago about how my writing research took me to a martial arts taster session so i could write fight scenes convincingly.  You can read about it here if you like:  

I said i’d let you know how i got on. Well… i only bloody passed didn’t i?

Until next time friends